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Plangman is a unique and intriguing game that combines elements of traditional word-guessing games with a captivating sci-fi narrative. In this game...

Plangman Overview

Plangman is a unique and intriguing game that combines elements of traditional word-guessing games with a captivating sci-fi narrative. In this game, players step into the shoes of a space pilot who finds themselves trapped in a mysterious dungeon of forgotten memories. To unlock the secrets of their past and escape this enigmatic confinement, players must guess words and use the knowledge they acquire strategically.


  1. Word Guessing: At its core, "Plangman" is a word guessing game, similar to the classic "Hangman." Players are presented with a series of blank spaces representing letters in a word or phrase. Their task is to guess the correct letters one by one to uncover the hidden words.

  2. Narrative Integration: What sets "Plangman" apart is its immersive narrative element. As players progress through the game, they uncover fragments of their character's memories, which are tied to the words they guess. These memories are essential for understanding the character's backstory and motivations.

  3. Puzzle Solving: The words to be guessed are not random; they are carefully selected to reveal vital clues about the protagonist's past and their reasons for being imprisoned. Players must use their deductive skills to piece together the narrative by connecting the words they guess with the unfolding story.

  4. Decision-Making: As the story unfolds, players may face choices and decisions that impact the direction of the narrative. These choices can lead to different outcomes and endings, adding an element of replayability to the game.

  5. Exploration: "Plangman" may also incorporate elements of exploration within the dungeon. Players might need to solve puzzles, find hidden objects, or interact with other characters they encounter along the way to progress further.


  • Memory and Identity: "Plangman" explores themes of memory, identity, and self-discovery as players strive to piece together their character's past.

  • Sci-Fi Adventure: The game's setting in outer space and the mysterious dungeon adds a science-fiction flavor to the overall experience.

  • Mystery and Intrigue: The enigmatic nature of the dungeon and the need to unravel the protagonist's past create an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue that keeps players engaged.


  • Storytelling: "Plangman" offers a unique and immersive way to tell a story, using word guessing as a vehicle to advance the narrative.

  • Cognitive Challenge: The game challenges players' word recognition and puzzle-solving abilities while encouraging critical thinking.

  • Emotional Engagement: The personal and emotional nature of the protagonist's journey can foster a strong connection between players and the game's story.

Overall, "Plangman" is a captivating blend of word game mechanics and narrative-driven storytelling, offering players a thought-provoking and immersive gaming experience as they strive to uncover the protagonist's past and escape the confines of their forgotten memories.

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